Something Blue…

Melancholy and nostalgia: hence why it qualifies as ‘blue’.

No matter how wonderful or terrible a book may be, reaching the last page always brings with it a touch of sadness.  Like a fading relationship, or a turning point in one’s life, we are sad to see things come to an end.  Even if we are ready to start anew, leaving the past behind can bring a sense of melancholy to anyone.

But what we fail to realize is that, whether painful or heartwarming, we carry our memories with us forever.  Nothing ever truly ends as long as it lives on inside us.

It is hard to move forward when the grip of the past holds you in place, leaving you stagnant and depressed.  And with your head constantly over your shoulder, admiring what once was, you miss all the joy and wonder that lies ahead.  Of course, no one said it was easy.  There will be peaks and valleys in your climb ahead, but the view is what you make it.

We all have the power, no matter what the obstacle, to make our future the bright one our parents always told us about, even at the most difficult and trying times of our lives.  Sometimes the only way to achieve our dreams is to go to extremes; go out on a limb.  Maybe that limb will snap and you’ll come crashing back to the ground, only to have to climb back up again.  And maybe – just maybe – that branch won’t snap.  Maybe it will provide the support you need to reach your goals.

There’s a time to hold on, and there’s a time to let go.  There’s a time to fight for what you’ve got, and there’s a time to move on.  There’s a time to treasure what you had in the past, and there’s a time to look ahead to what the future may hold.

Like the lyrics from a Billy Joel song, “The good ol’ days weren’t always good, and tomorrow ain’t as bad as it seems.”  So look ahead and enjoy what tomorrow has to bring, learn from the past and carry the fond memories with you on every journey you embark upon.  And even when challenges and hopelessness block your way, “keeping the faith” you have in yourself will surely pull you through.


Something Borrowed…

The following quote is taken from #246 of my favorite web comic, Questionable Content, by Jeph Jacques.

I just feel like people would be so much happier if they just dropped all the pretense and mindgame bullshit in relationships and just went for it, you know?  Like “fuck it, I’m gonna try and make this work and not worry about potential problems.” – Marten

The words are his; I just expanded upon the idea…

It has been said that hate is easy, while love takes courage.  We can effortlessly shun our annoying neighbor, yet we cannot seem to muster up the nerve to say ‘I love you’.  We can deliver a punch more readily than a bouquet of roses.  We can gossip behind someone’s back more easily than patting them for a job well done.

We live in a world that is focused too much on the future and what could happen, making us forget to enjoy the present.  By failing to preserve the present, we eradicate all possibilities of a healthy and successful future.

The beauty of being in a relationship comes from truly being in the relationship.  By immersing yourself in the love and companionship of another person, you feel a calm easiness that lets you know you are doing something right.  Surely there will be bumps in the road along the way, but overall, a good relationship is one that makes you smile from ear-to-ear.  Whether you wake up next to each other every morning, or spend your days counting down the hours until you next see your love, this smile gives you the ambition to make it through the humdrum activities of everyday life.

Love is not finding fault with everything your significant other does, but accepting the good characteristics along with the bad habits – the whole package.  Love is the feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you remember your first kiss or a parting embrace.  (I believe this is why everyone is always told to ‘go with their gut’.)  Love means knowing you always have a hand to hold.

If love is what you seek, take action.  Do not let cowardice cause you to miss out on something wonderful.  If love is what you have, treasure it.  Relationships are tough work, chock full of inevitable problems, let alone the false ones you may conjure in your head.  But, if you pour your whole heart into loving another, the reward will fill you will life.

Something New…

This entry is entirely NEW (if you couldn’t figure that out from the title).  Enjoy!

People love change.  They change their hairstyle, making themselves feel like a new person.  They buy new clothes, altering their appearance to boost confidence and attract attention.  They seek a change of scenery in order to get away from the woes of everyday life, even if just for a few hours or days.

But when the new becomes the unknown, things get a little scary.

While some change is sought after, some is forced upon us whether we like it or not.  However, it is up to us to embrace change and make it something positive, or reject it and otherwise find ourselves clinging to the past in agony.  Either way, change is inevitably what we want it to be.

Often times, the change that we fear and dread turns out to be exactly what we need in our lives at that very moment, for things truly do happen for a reason.  Hindsight usually reveals that each decision and alteration made in our lives yields the most unexpected (and pleasant) results.  Though a positive light might not shine down on the situation immediately, it eventually comes shining through the cracks as the wall you built around yourself comes crumbling down.

Even when change is brought about by something terrible, we cannot cut ourselves off from what has given us joy only to wallow in our own self-pity.  There is a silver lining to every cloud, a light at the end of every tunnel, and every other cliché you can imagine that implies a positive outcome.  The point of the matter is, there is always hope that things will get better and a great likelihood that they indeed will.

We learn to adapt and take what we are given to surpass the odds and create a new state of normalcy – one that will ultimately be disturbed by change once again in the future.  What once was new soon becomes a part of one’s daily routine, eventually to be replaced by another variation.

So look to change as a breath of fresh air, not a burden.  Do not think of it as a blockade, but as an open door.  Step into it as if it were a new shoe and embrace it as if change were a new friend.  Try it on and see how it fits.  Life is a garment destined for alterations, tailor-made just for you.  So get comfortable.

Something Old…

This entry, if you haven’t guessed already, is something old I once posted on an old blog of mine.  The original post date was February 17, 2007.

We always seem to be looking for something. A lost earring, a way to get ahead, someone’s phone number: we are in a constant struggle to find what is missing. Yet it is in our constant rush that we lose sight of what matters most.

If only we all took the time – even just a moment in each day – to sit and watch the world around us. Then maybe we would begin to see all the beauty that humanity has to offer.

When we simply look at the world, all we see is death and destruction. It is what newspapers and television programs dwell on everyday. But it is the little things, things right under our noses, which show us that the beauty and love we all desire in our lives is not as far out of reach as we may think.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a People’s Bank. My mother and grandmother were taking care of what needed to be done while I sat reading a book.

I was sitting there, along with an elderly woman, when a couple approached. Both elderly as well, the woman had a cane and the man, a fantastic sense of humor. One constantly teasing the other, the couple was nothing but smiles.

Friendly and talkative, neither was hesitant to share the fact that, in August, they will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Although attempting to read, I was captivated by their humorous nature. I think I read the same paragraph five times before I finally gave up and immersed myself in the life of these two.

While the woman’s husband went to take care of the banking, she began to tell me and the other woman all about their life.

According to the woman, all their problems started when her husband, Michael, retired. At this time, her husband began to do the grocery shopping because, apparently, the two of them going to the supermarket together at the same time was very unproductive. Instead, she would make an itemized list and send him off, although it was not as simple as it sounds.

“If I ask for Hunt’s tomato sauce, I want Hunt’s tomato sauce, not some other brand. But what does he come back with? The store brand,” she said.

So what did she do? Why, she made him go out and get the real stuff, of course.

“He never did it again. Now he always gets me exactly what I ask for.”

Then she told me I look quite young – that I “look 16, but [am] probably a young lady.” I told her I was 19, and she could not believe it. She asked me if I do crossword puzzles or Sudoku (which she pronounced “sadookie”), to which I replied no. She told me I should because it keeps my mind young and it is good to start early.

Then, as she rambled on, her husband returned and gave her the bank book. She took it, at which time he told her to put it right in her purse “so you don’t forget where you put it and make me come back here once we get home.”

He sat down next to me, leaned over and told me that teasing her kept his “life interesting in his old age.”

The woman then asked me if I had a son. I quickly replied with a no, to which she responded by telling me never to name my child “Jay” for a reason I did not quite comprehend.

But her husband finally decided it was time to leave. She asked me my name and then told me she hoped to see me again some time. And, in all actuality, I do hope I see her (and her husband) again.

In a world so full of divorce and unhappiness, I was ecstatic to have met these two wonderful people. With a love so obviously unconditional, it makes one realize that true love really does exist.

They were beautiful, refreshing, something to aspire to in life. We all want the kind of love they have – love that is strong enough to last a lifetime. We see so much pain and suffering that we lose sight of what can be until a couple like them shine like a beacon in the night telling us that love is real, not just a fairytale.

But if we do not slow down, if we continue to search incessantly, we will never realize the possibilities and beauty right in front of us. We do not realize that what is missing may actually be something we already have, something we have overlooked.

So do not disregard what you have because it could be exactly what you want, and never let the love in your life become an afterthought because, after all, “it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”

The Welcome Wagon!

Hello, all!  And thank you for stopping by to smell the roses along with me!  Though most of you are probably unfamiliar with the significance of this blog’s title, it stems from the monthly column I used to write during my senior year for The Advocate, Jonathan Law High School’s student newspaper.  After being away from this form of writing for four years, I’ve really come to miss the feeling I experienced every month when another little piece of me was put into print and distributed for anyone and everyone to read.

However, now that I’m dealing with a medium such as the Internet, the extent of my readership may only amount to my closest friends, or (if I’m lucky) end up exceeding the number of people who read my column in high school.  Either way, I’m grateful to YOU because you are reading my work this very minute!

The next (and first official) entry will be the first in a series of four.  The “Something Old, Something New…” series is something I’ve been contemplating for a while and am now finally putting into motion.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy my work as much as I enjoy writing it!

love, anna.