What’s Done Is Done

November has officially come to an end, bringing NaBloPoMo to a close. While I’d like to say I succeeded in meeting the challenge, I did not. Perhaps it was the fact that I did not know anything about NaBloPoMo until five days into the month. Or perhaps it’s the fact that life got in the way. But, no matter what distracted me from catching up and completing my goal, the attempt proved fruitful in ways that success may have hindered.

You see, though I may not have been able to follow through on every post, the ideas remain. I now have an ever-growing list of topics to dive into, for this experience now has me looking at everything in my life with a creative eye. I’ve come to see the beauty and the message behind even some of the most obscure and mundane things imaginable. Finishing the month strong may have made me feel accomplished, but failing has sparked new ambition as I’ve realized I’m not done, and probably never will be.

Plus, too much of a “good” thing is never a good thing, so it’s best that I stop overloading on entries anyway. Let’s just say, you haven’t seen the last of me. Yes, what’s done is done, but the best is yet to come!

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