‘Scandal’ Slaps Sexism in the Face


Lisa Kudrow has come a long way since her time as Phoebe Buffay. Yet, while her main claim to fame may be her role as Monica and Rachel’s goofy, blonde gal pal, the former ‘Friends’ actress now stands as a beacon for truth in a political landscape cluttered with lies and deceit. From ‘Smelly Cat’ songstress, to ‘Scandal’ star, Kudrow’s role as a congresswoman running for president on the hit ABC show has been turning heads. Her character calls out the men in her field for inserting subtle, but intentional, sexist remarks throughout the campaign in an effort to subliminally convince voters that no woman will ever “have the balls” to withstand the demands of being commander-in-chief. Take a look at the accompanying clip, for this scene sums up the sentiments better than anything else in recent memory (…or ever).


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