#NaBloPoMo? Don’t Mind If I Do!


Normally, November’s reserved for novel writing (and not shaving). Or at least that’s what I’ve been told. But, from deep within the infinitesimal entity known as the Internet, emerged an event of which I was entirely unaware. Just the other day, I discovered the #NaBloPoMo—National Blog Post Month—trending topic on Twitter. While I’m quite familiar with National Novel Writing Month (#NaNoWriMo) and its basic premise, I embarked upon my quest to learn what this abbreviation meant and what “joining” entailed. To my surprise, I found a month-long marathon much more attuned to my general interests and aspirations. While NaNoWriMo participants aim to write an entire book within the month of November, NaBloPoMo writers are tasked with posting to their blog each day. Though challenging for someone such as myself, as I have been known to put off my personal writing endeavors in favor of professional obligations, I could not be more excited to have this incentive to jumpstart my efforts. Unfortunately, I did not discover NaBloPoMo’s existence prior to the start of November—yes, the first week’s entries are/will be backdated—but I plan to dedicate time and energy to catching up and keeping pace.

But, due to the daily nature of NaBloPoMo, I plan to keep things short (which isn’t difficult, as I am only 4’11”). In other words, this month’s posts may be shorter than the average ‘Stop & Smell the Roses’ entry of the past. However, we will playfully refer to these blog posts as ‘buds,’ for they may inevitably grow into bigger ideas as time marches on. In fact, I do believe this means there’s nothing left to do but to dive right in. Let’s get growin’!

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