Living (…But Mostly Just Writing) Dangerously

IMG_0207For Christmas, my boss gave me the perfect gift/push in the right direction: “A Year of Writing Dangerously: 365 Days of Inspiration & Encouragement” by Barbara Abercrombie. While I’m not a big fan of New Year’s resolutions—isn’t each day its own new beginning?—I’ve been looking for that nudge to get me moving in my not-so-active creative writing efforts. Filled with inspirational quotes and stories, along with one writing prompt per week for the entire year, this book now stares at me each day, reminding me to get going!

On day four, the story focused on Isabel Allende. For each book she writes, she begins on January 8. (That’s today! Wondering what she’s writing now…). So, in her honor, I’ve chosen to commit to jumpstarting my personal writing goals. Of course, I feel blessed to have earned my staff writer position, as I know many former English majors who had no choice but to take on jobs outside their desired field thanks to our persistently poor job market. But now that I have gained footing in the journalistic world, I want to continue to expand my horizons and hone my creative abilities as well.

What will come of this? Who knows! But stick around, tune in, and find out.

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