We’re Havin’ a Potty!

Though our nation’s political upheaval has caused many a rift between citizens from all walks of life, there will always be one thing that binds us together: we all have to go to the bathroom. No matter how frequent, we all have to visit the restroom throughout the day.

Surprisingly enough, this very topic also seems to draw much attention each time I highlight just how horrid and illogical the average ladies’ room can be.

Because I write for a publication that focuses on the latest trends and best practices within the customer relationship management realm, I took to Think Customers: The 1to1 Blog to address just what kind of impact a poorly maintained restroom can have on the customers’ perception of the establishment as a whole. Below is an excerpt from the entry, as well as a link to the full blog post:

Restroom Repairs and Maintenance Benefit the ‘Bottom’ Line

Thanks to modern technology (and the plumbing gods), we’ve become spoiled by the luxury of flush toilets and running water. But to maintain our sanitary tendencies, we’ve also become accustomed to toilet paper, soap, and paper towels–one of those being a tad more vital, of course. Yet, in many instances, the only bits of toilet paper to be found are the torn shreds scattered across the restroom’s floor. (Click here to read more.)

Of course, we all know I’ve criticized many a ladies’ room in the past. Check out the links below to refresh your memory.

The Line at the Ladies’ Room

Learning in the Loo: The Line at the Ladies’ Room, Part Deux

But each time I embark on another rant about the less than ideal conditions we ladies often face, I cannot help but wonder what issues plague the mens’ restroom. (This issue surely isn’t one-sided, but I can’t complain about the other gender’s dilemmas firsthand.) So, gentlemen, leave your complaints in the comments. We may not always agree on the politics surrounding bodily decisions, but we can all relate when it comes to bodily functions.


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