Explain the Delay Away

Life rarely goes according to schedule.  We mark our calendars and try to organize our day-to-day duties into time constrained increments, but our activities often color outside the lines.  No matter how much structure we try to enforce, there’s no guarantee that things will proceed as planned.

Unfortunately, for me, life tossed in some twists and turns that have distracted me from keeping up with PostAWeek2011.  Though it’s only been a month (four missed entries total), this bump in the road deterred me from my goal.  The working world has not been kind, so I’ve been doing all I can to get a steady, full-time job.  Sadly, this process has begun to eat my time like a ravenous beast munching on a dead carcass.  (Yes, I’m bitter.  But, while I may not be earning money, I have earned the right to abhor the economy and, well, everyone and everything related to my lack of employment.)

Luckily, I have had some breakthroughs in the job search department.  I’m certainly not holding my breath, but I’ve made some strides that have at least boosted my confidence level.  And while I hope this current opportunity turns into something concrete, I at least have the peace of mind to know that my true personality — not the person I think they want me to be — has the power to make others laugh and like me enough to invite me back for numerous interviews.

That being said, Stop & Smell the Roses shall now (hopefully) update as previously promised.  And I apologize for the overly “me”-centric entry, but an explanation seemed to be a much better alternative to quickly writing four entries and backdating them to cover my tracks.  I am anna-sty (pronounced “honesty”) after all!

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