Who Would’ve Guessed…

Just a few weeks ago, I posted a link to an entry I wrote for All Pomp & Bad Circumstance, a blog I maintain with my good friend, Allison Floyd.  Nicknamed Pointless Placemat, we write about our seemingly futile search for employment after both graduating with English degrees.  If you recall, the link led readers to a post chronicling my experience interviewing with an exceptionally unprofessional company.  To refresh your memory, click here to read the entry in full.

But the story doesn’t stop there.

About a week after posting that entry, I discovered that this company posted the exact same advertisement on the very job board I found them on in the first place.  Though I spent a few days pondering the potential outcomes, I inevitably decided to experiment by applying again —

Fool Me Once, Shame on You:

Knowing they had completely disregarded my existence the first time, I decided to see if they recognized my name or résumé in any way by reapplying using the exact same cover letter. (If you’ve ever read my cover letter, I’m sure you’d agree that it’s not all that conventional and would probably stand out if actually read twice by the same person.)

(Click the entry’s title to read the entire post.)

Prepared for the hilarious, I went into this interview nerve-free.  Somehow, when one approaches an interview with no expectations other than to learn an entertaining life lesson to share with friends and strangers, all nervousness and jitters fall by the wayside.  And when you know where one person’s (or company’s) true colors lie, it’s even easier to see them shine through —

Don’t Worry, I’ve Got This:

Finally, a reluctant employee saw me through the glass door, rolled his eyes and pressed the buzzer that unlocks the door. He disappeared as I entered, leaving me to stand there unattended. Eventually he passed my way again and snidely asked if I was waiting for someone.

There will surely be at least one more update, whether I hear back from this company or not, so stay tuned!  Subscribe to Stop & Smell the Roses, All Pomp & Bad Circumstance or follow me on Twitter (@bonitianniti) for update announcements!


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