Do Unto Others…

This week, my efforts took a turn toward the untouched.  You see, I also maintain another blog with my friend, Allison Floyd, entitled All Pomp & Bad Circumstance.  Nicknamed Pointless Placemat, we share our thoughts and experiences, focusing on what it’s like to be an English graduate facing the job market in this horrendous economy.  My search has increasingly intensified, so, thanks to my depressing quest for the almighty dollar, Pointless Placemat was unintentionally pushed to the back burner.  However, recent experiences left me inspired to, once again, share my latest bit of wisdom.  Below, you will find a short excerpt from this recent post.  Click through to read the rest of the entry and check out All Pomp & Bad Circumstance!

Honestly, a simple “no” would suffice – yes, it’d be curt, but at least it’d be definite – except they seem to fail when it comes to professional courtesy.  They make you dress up, put you on the spot, and make you feel as if your fate is in their hands, all just to toy with you later.  Pulling at the strings of hope, they yank until you’re unbelievably tense, then snip the wire as they cut you down to size, allowing you to fall harder than ever before.  You must jump through hoops, but they don’t even need to respond to your email if they don’t feel like it?

Click here to read the entire entry!


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