Watch Where You’re Walking!

Once upon a time, in a towering kingdom known as “the mall”, there appeared a lady who disregarded all protocol.  Despite her natural-born vision, she chose to obscure her sight and ignore her gift in lieu of feeling superior to all that roamed the hallways around her.  With mobile telephone in hand, the lady insisted on walking as she performed the newfangled operation known as “texting”.  Her contraption, though popular with both the commoners and the rich, made her feel exceptional for there were people in the box who talked to her via “the written word”.  She read messages and typed sentences as she strode through her domain…

…and then she fell in a fountain.

While I’m sure most of you have already seen this clip on the Internet (and every major news channel known to man), this woman has not only become the face of sheer embarrassment, but also the poster child for why people simply should neither text nor talk (on their cell phone) while driving.

Just imagine — If a single woman cannot manage to text and navigate a sparsely populated mall corridor without falling into a huge fountain, how can anyone read their messages, watch the road, steer and type while traveling down a busy road or highway?  No one seems to take the time to comprehend the severity of this issue.  Instead, most have their eyes glued to their microscopic screen as they watch videos that make them laugh when clips such as this should truly make one contemplate their own mortality.  Even if you do not condone such behavior, others on the road are zooming by with phone in hand, distracted by a phone call or eyes averted so as to return a text.  If you’re not causing the accident, someone else will be.

Instead, the invincible carry on as if the law does not apply to their immortality, and Smartphone app developers create programs that allow you to text without ever losing your way.  Those who haven’t been directly affected by the tragedies caused by distracted driving have adopted a “can’t touch this” attitude when it comes to their being; but for those who know the true pain, they only wish their loved ones had never actually “touched this”.  (“This” being their cell phones, of course.)  Watch the video below and consider what life would be like to walk in their shoes, regardless of how big you think your “feet” may be.  You don’t want the last word you send to be the last word you ever utter here on earth.  Be smart, drive safe.


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