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Resolutions for the Year of the Rabbit

“What is written is fate.” – Ancient Proverb

If this saying holds true, then may my Seven Resolutions for 2011 become a reality!  And though it may seem I am two weeks overdue for a post such as this, I firmly believe that each month, week and day serves as its own new beginning, leaving no reason why we can’t create new resolutions whenever the desire strikes.  Feel free to share your goals by committing them to writing as well.  Just leave a comment down below!  And, if any of my resolutions happen to catch your eye, snatch them up and let me know you’ve done so in the comments section.  This way, none of us have to go it alone!

1. PostAWeek! – My main goal may end up being the hardest one of all.  As suggested by WordPress.com, I have decided to post at least one entry every week this year.  (For all intents and purposes, let’s count my 2010 stats as last week’s post.)  While I tend to put blogging on the back burner, posting once a week shall hopefully help me develop better writing habits and encourage me to be a more active blogger.  Plus, a vast majority of these entries will probably be written on a whim, meaning they’ll be shorter but more frequent – a pleasant trade-off.

2. Learn! – The first week of the new year consisted of nothing more than me reading every little thing that caught my eye on the Internet.  Since, I have rediscovered iTunes U.  While it was still in its beginning stages when we beta tested it during my Shakespeare class sophomore year of college, I can now find lectures and demonstrations on nearly any topic I could ever wish to learn.  (For free!)  Now, time to teach myself American Sign Language!

3. Reconnect with My Voice – Looking back on the times when I was most successful and at my happiest, each instance corresponds with a time when I was also actively embracing my singing voice.  I had the confidence to sing out loud (in front of people!), not just alone in my room.  Yes, it may take some time to build up the courage to sing without just sort of mumbling along in the background, but simply reconnecting with music in general shall certainly improve my overall mood.

4. Read! – Though I constantly read interesting articles and stories I come across on the Internet, I haven’t read an actual book in months, which saddens me considering I used to gobble them up at an alarming rate.  However, thanks to the Kindle I got for my birthday and the lovely book I got for Christmas, my desire to soak up some sentences has been renewed!  The best writers are also active readers, or so they say, so I must hop back on the wagon… and quick!

5. Be Grateful – So many people in this world have it much harder than I do.  No matter how rough the obstacles may be, I consider myself lucky in many respects.  Everyone faces trying times, but we all just have to remember and appreciate all the beauty that surrounds us, even if it only represents a glimmer of hope under the dark veil of misfortune.

6. Be Present – I find myself spending too much time stuck behind a screen.  When I’m at home, there’s always the computer or television to keep me occupied, and when I’m out, I’ve got my phone.  While all these inventions were designed to keep people connected with one another, I seem to interact with my electronics more than other human beings.  Distracted by the virtual world, I miss out on real-life.  First step to rectifying this travesty?  Embrace the handwritten letter once again!  (I’ll elaborate later…)

7. Smile! – Whether all the aforementioned resolutions become reality or not, I promise to smile.  I promise to smile at others, for this simple gesture can brighten up another person’s day.  I promise to support other people’s ambitions, providing them with a shoulder to cry on and an ear that will listen to their every thought.  I promise to encourage others to pursue their dreams, no matter how insane they may seem.  Nothing’s out of reach as long as you’re willing to pull out the ladder.

(Image courtesy of Tumblr)

  1. Great resolutions! I hope your post a week goes as well as the post a day is going on my end, haha. (Also, smiling is a good goal any time of year.)

    • Anna Papachristos
    • January 17th, 2011

    Thanks, Cameron! Good luck to you, love what you’ve done so far! And, according to my blog stats, the link to your blog has gotten multiple clicks, which says a lot because no one ever clicks anything on my page, haha! 🙂

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