Fairfield University Exchanges ‘Green’ for ‘Green’

Fairfield University was founded by the Jesuits in 1942. Built on the foundation of social justice and the wellness of the whole person, Fairfield was not only a place where you could make things happen, it was also my second home for four years. However, now the only things that are being done around the university’s campus are destructive actions disguised by constructive rationale.

While the school continues to raise its tuition, lay off valued employees and buy new vehicles as part of their efforts to “go green”, they fail to realize that what they are doing is not only irreversible in regard to the environment, but detrimental to their reputation as well.

The whole idea behind Cura Personalis is to become a man or woman for others – a principle Fairfield’s core curriculum revolves around. But while these impressionable men and women are being taught to care not only for themselves, but for others and the environment around them, they are witness to so many contradictions.

I recently wrote a Letter to the Editor of my local newspaper, the Connecticut Post. Here’s a passage from its introduction:

Every week or two (it seems), I receive a notification. Whether it be e-mail or snail mail, Fairfield University’s Office of Annual Giving is constantly tugging at my wallet, asking me to donate a “generous gift” to the institution responsible for wiping my bank account clean in the first place.

To read the rest, visit Fairfield U. ‘green’ effort mostly PR.

Construction seems to be a constant fixture in Fairfield life, with some project or another wrecking the beautiful greenery that so many love about the campus. But it appears that those running the university can only see the kind of green that comes decorated with dollar signs. Tear down trees so they can be made into the money that will fund the $60 million project they hope will ultimately bring in a larger student body. And while they are boasting about their ever-increasing student population, simply remember that the student to teacher ratio in the classroom will soon increase as well. It seems Fairfield is trying to put an increased emphasis on campus life as opposed to learning. But that should be their main emphasis, for college is meant to prepare you academically AND socially, and ultimately, it is the quality of their academics that will determine whether people attend or not.

Because, after all, what kind of campus life will there really be when the entire property has been overrun by residence halls and parking lots?


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