Stupid is as Stupid Does

Every person is connected to everyone else.  All human beings – past, present and future – share one far-reaching characteristic that serves as a common link, intertwining even the most different of people.  It has nothing to do with race, ethnicity or religion, though it has become an integral part of how societies have come to function over the passing centuries.

This bond hinges on one specific attribute: stupidity.

Foolishness has become commonplace in every detail and aspect of today’s world.  This folly lies in the leaders we choose to run various aspects of our government.  It lies within the man texting while driving the car next to you on the highway.  It is the vulgar words mumbled under your breath, the women with suitcase-like pocketbooks that rudely whack you as you peruse the mall – the bigot who used the word “gay” in a derogatory manner.

No matter what your claim to stupidity is, there is no one on the planet that can deny they haven’t done something even remotely ridiculous or dumb in their lifetime.  Theses missteps, stumbles and falls are all a part of what makes us human and connects us on a deeper level than what we look like or what we believe.

And at this time of the year, idiocy levels are running high as vultures of all faiths flock to the malls in order to mercilessly scrounge for whatever they can dig their claws into during this gift-giving season.

The holiday season is no longer represented by “peace on earth” or “goodwill toward men”.  Now, it is all about competition.  Who can get the best presents?  Who can get the most for their money?  Who can get the best parking space?  Instead of caring for other individuals, we push past them for a better spot in line.  Others avert their eyes from the volunteer ringing the Salvation Army bell.  Some scramble by others as they trudge through the overcrowded malls, hitting into them with their bags of loot, not even an “I’m sorry” or “Excuse me” uttered.

There was one instance this season where people were waiting in line at a local Best Buy to get a jump on their Black Friday deals.  These customers lined up at 3 o’clock the afternoon before, sitting themselves against the side of a building instead of alongside loved ones at their dining room table for Thanksgiving dinner.  With only a hunger for the best prices, these people were insane enough to give up precious time with their families, failing to celebrate one holiday in lieu of another.

The most precious thing we can give each other is our time.  We can never show each other how much we truly care for one another with a great deal on the hottest gift item of the year.  The time you spend – not the money – will be what those you care for remember, and believing otherwise is just sheer stupidity.

So instead of wrapping that newly-attained gift the moment you get home, wrap your arms around a loved one.  Redeem the season by spreading joy in place of contempt, for we all have another attribute in common – our capacity to love.


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