So I Play the Numbers Game…

It is like driving through the fog at night. All you can see is the light emanating from your headlights. Yet these beams barely stretch out a few feet, only illuminating what is immediately in front of us. And, no matter where you look, even the faintest objects have a haze surrounding them.

Sounds a little bit like life, wouldn’t you say?

We can only predict what will happen in the near future. Nobody knows for sure what is waiting for us down the road amidst the darkened fog. Something can dart out in front of the car at any moment, causing us to change direction forever. But, whether we put the brakes on or not, the road must eventually come to an end.

So, if this road is life, then how should we proceed? Should we follow the strict lines of the pavement? Should we change lanes without signaling? Should we risk getting lost on the winding streets?

To live life is truly the greatest gift we can give ourselves. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all,” according to Oscar Wilde.

Without vision, without dreams, without love, we are merely empty souls, just cruising the highway of life. To live is to treat every day as if it may be our last.

Do not speed up, do not slow down. Forget what speed you are traveling at and take things as they come.  Do not fear the occasional speeding ticket or parking violation – there are going to be a few minor setbacks here and there, but one person’s judgment of your journey should not discourage you from following your own path.

And if you find the need to stop once in a while, feel free. Pull over to the side of the road or visit the nearest gas station. Take in the view, grab a candy bar, refuel – there is nothing wrong with refocusing your vision.

Then, when you are ready to take off once again, set your own pace and your own destination. There is no taxi driver in the front seat – you are the navigator of your own life. So throw the map out the window and unplug your GPS – just because there are already plenty of predetermined paths to follow does not mean you can’t create a new one of your own.

But most of all, do not hesitate to honk your horn. Don’t let someone block your way. Feel free to make a little noise.

Life shouldn’t be about sitting in traffic, waiting for the crowd to move just the slightest bit. It’s all about squeezing into the breakdown lane and sneaking off the nearest exit. Don’t just wait for the opportunity, seize it. Maybe the back roads are exactly where your true passion lies.


2 responses to “So I Play the Numbers Game…

  1. I like this post a lot. Oscar Wilde was a wise man. Being in a period of transition myself (read: Unemployment!) this post has loads of solid advice for myself and anyone, really!

    I’m glad you kept writing! What do you do for work? You should totally be a columnist for some rad newspaper or magazine!

  2. I’m glad you like what you’ve read! Currently, the only work I have is a per review thing for an iPhone App Review site. Otherwise, you can count me unemployed, woo! Though I would LOVE to be a columnist like you said. That’s what I’m shooting for at least. Until then, though, I shall continue to write right here! (And job search like a mad woman, of course.)

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