No It Won’t All Go The Way It Should…

When it came to making a decision, Robert Frost took the road less traveled. Unable to follow both paths, Frost chose the one he felt to be most promising.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I –
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.”

Yet one has to wonder why there must only be one path to follow. Why can’t we wander down one path for a while and then suddenly decide it may be best to head back?

It seems as if we always have to make concrete decisions, ones that do not allow us to change our minds. We set high standards and goals for ourselves, leaving us feeling obligated to achieve something even if we lose the desire. Others see us as cowards or someone who easily gives up if we do not follow through.

But what if we were to travel down that lovely, green, hardly-tread path to find that it is simply not what we had imagined? Why shouldn’t we be able to shrug our shoulders, take one last look around and then head in the direction from whence we came knowing that we are going back to familiarity with newly acquired knowledge we never would’ve gained had we never taken the chance?

We are constantly urged to try new things, yet we are forced to cling to one straight path. However, in a world that is so strictly oriented toward climbing to the top, we must not hesitate to veer off in search of what we truly desire.

If there is a babbling brook a few feet to your right, do not spend your life walking beside it. Take a few moments away from the trail you are on and splash some cool water on your face. Refreshing yourself may be what refreshes your soul, exposing an entirely new path no one ever even imagined.


2 responses to “No It Won’t All Go The Way It Should…

  1. I agree. We’re designed to conform to society so often (Graduate. Get job. Get married. Have kids.) that I feel that most people (Americans?) are bored with their lives and having mid-life crises at the age of 40 (even earlier, nowadays!). People should take some side-routes even if they end up back on the main path they originally chose.

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