Train of Thought

Note: I hate writing in the first person, usually.  Making it all about me seems so selfish.  But trust me, it serves a purpose (I think), so I shall make an exception.

Lately, I’ve been spending a lot of time traveling.  Not around the world, or even the country, but this one rather short route that links the two places where my heart lies.  I’ve begun to frequent the train station so often that I know the hefty gentleman who takes my ticket is a Yankees fan, and I believe the women at Dunkin’ Donuts are catching on to my love for cranberry juice.

And whether it’s the man sitting next to me on the train, with his incessant clapping and Darth Vader noises, or the woman in the terminal arguing with herself, it’s amazing to think that, for some reason, we all crossed paths at that moment.  Even though we were not friends, nor acquaintances, we all still ended up heading in the same direction at the same time.  For a little while – a mere second in the grand scheme of things – we were all on the same path, moving toward something.

Stand in any public space and take the time to imagine: At that very second, whatever is going on in your life has brought you to the same place as those around you.  You may never talk to any of them, but then again, perhaps a new best friend is milling around the crowd and any moment, you will meet each other.

Life comes together in odd ways.  The people you saw from afar today could be the ones you spend your free time with tomorrow.  The person seated behind you may one day be the person who promises to always stand by you.

Some of those you encounter will be fleeting passersby, others will remain forever.  But no matter what, we must keep those we hold dear close to our heart.  Though our paths may diverge from time to time, there will always be those few people that mean more than a polite smile, those who mean enough to make the trip.  Home is where the heart is, even if the pieces are scattered to the ends of the earth, a little part residing with each of our loved ones.  And despite all obstacles, it is up to us to make sure each fragment doesn’t skip one beat.


One response to “Train of Thought

  1. Isn’t that funny? How is it that at that exact moment everything was placed or even arranged as if it was expected for us to be there and see it that one way when there are infinite possibilities imaginable? Yes, every person, every leaf, every step is somehow clockwork. Yet, that makes us question is that not destiny? I’d say that destiny is a very limiting workd in the minds of humans. If using “destiny” implies one path that is so narrow in our minds, when in fact it would be like comparing a crack in the sidewalk to a street from an ant’s view. Then, destiny is what it is. It’s our own limited and lack of sight that yes, we are blind to the grandest scheme. Every second you pass someone, bless them, for they are a puzzle piece in the great puzzle of living.

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