Something New…

This entry is entirely NEW (if you couldn’t figure that out from the title).  Enjoy!

People love change.  They change their hairstyle, making themselves feel like a new person.  They buy new clothes, altering their appearance to boost confidence and attract attention.  They seek a change of scenery in order to get away from the woes of everyday life, even if just for a few hours or days.

But when the new becomes the unknown, things get a little scary.

While some change is sought after, some is forced upon us whether we like it or not.  However, it is up to us to embrace change and make it something positive, or reject it and otherwise find ourselves clinging to the past in agony.  Either way, change is inevitably what we want it to be.

Often times, the change that we fear and dread turns out to be exactly what we need in our lives at that very moment, for things truly do happen for a reason.  Hindsight usually reveals that each decision and alteration made in our lives yields the most unexpected (and pleasant) results.  Though a positive light might not shine down on the situation immediately, it eventually comes shining through the cracks as the wall you built around yourself comes crumbling down.

Even when change is brought about by something terrible, we cannot cut ourselves off from what has given us joy only to wallow in our own self-pity.  There is a silver lining to every cloud, a light at the end of every tunnel, and every other cliché you can imagine that implies a positive outcome.  The point of the matter is, there is always hope that things will get better and a great likelihood that they indeed will.

We learn to adapt and take what we are given to surpass the odds and create a new state of normalcy – one that will ultimately be disturbed by change once again in the future.  What once was new soon becomes a part of one’s daily routine, eventually to be replaced by another variation.

So look to change as a breath of fresh air, not a burden.  Do not think of it as a blockade, but as an open door.  Step into it as if it were a new shoe and embrace it as if change were a new friend.  Try it on and see how it fits.  Life is a garment destined for alterations, tailor-made just for you.  So get comfortable.


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