Something Old…

This entry, if you haven’t guessed already, is something old I once posted on an old blog of mine.  The original post date was February 17, 2007.

We always seem to be looking for something. A lost earring, a way to get ahead, someone’s phone number: we are in a constant struggle to find what is missing. Yet it is in our constant rush that we lose sight of what matters most.

If only we all took the time – even just a moment in each day – to sit and watch the world around us. Then maybe we would begin to see all the beauty that humanity has to offer.

When we simply look at the world, all we see is death and destruction. It is what newspapers and television programs dwell on everyday. But it is the little things, things right under our noses, which show us that the beauty and love we all desire in our lives is not as far out of reach as we may think.

A few weeks ago I was sitting in a People’s Bank. My mother and grandmother were taking care of what needed to be done while I sat reading a book.

I was sitting there, along with an elderly woman, when a couple approached. Both elderly as well, the woman had a cane and the man, a fantastic sense of humor. One constantly teasing the other, the couple was nothing but smiles.

Friendly and talkative, neither was hesitant to share the fact that, in August, they will be celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. Although attempting to read, I was captivated by their humorous nature. I think I read the same paragraph five times before I finally gave up and immersed myself in the life of these two.

While the woman’s husband went to take care of the banking, she began to tell me and the other woman all about their life.

According to the woman, all their problems started when her husband, Michael, retired. At this time, her husband began to do the grocery shopping because, apparently, the two of them going to the supermarket together at the same time was very unproductive. Instead, she would make an itemized list and send him off, although it was not as simple as it sounds.

“If I ask for Hunt’s tomato sauce, I want Hunt’s tomato sauce, not some other brand. But what does he come back with? The store brand,” she said.

So what did she do? Why, she made him go out and get the real stuff, of course.

“He never did it again. Now he always gets me exactly what I ask for.”

Then she told me I look quite young – that I “look 16, but [am] probably a young lady.” I told her I was 19, and she could not believe it. She asked me if I do crossword puzzles or Sudoku (which she pronounced “sadookie”), to which I replied no. She told me I should because it keeps my mind young and it is good to start early.

Then, as she rambled on, her husband returned and gave her the bank book. She took it, at which time he told her to put it right in her purse “so you don’t forget where you put it and make me come back here once we get home.”

He sat down next to me, leaned over and told me that teasing her kept his “life interesting in his old age.”

The woman then asked me if I had a son. I quickly replied with a no, to which she responded by telling me never to name my child “Jay” for a reason I did not quite comprehend.

But her husband finally decided it was time to leave. She asked me my name and then told me she hoped to see me again some time. And, in all actuality, I do hope I see her (and her husband) again.

In a world so full of divorce and unhappiness, I was ecstatic to have met these two wonderful people. With a love so obviously unconditional, it makes one realize that true love really does exist.

They were beautiful, refreshing, something to aspire to in life. We all want the kind of love they have – love that is strong enough to last a lifetime. We see so much pain and suffering that we lose sight of what can be until a couple like them shine like a beacon in the night telling us that love is real, not just a fairytale.

But if we do not slow down, if we continue to search incessantly, we will never realize the possibilities and beauty right in front of us. We do not realize that what is missing may actually be something we already have, something we have overlooked.

So do not disregard what you have because it could be exactly what you want, and never let the love in your life become an afterthought because, after all, “it’s the only thing that there’s just too little of.”


2 responses to “Something Old…

  1. Very nice and you are very good at making this conversation feel like we were part of it.
    Having just been back to my home with my parents whom are close in age to this couple you described. Your post is meaningful to me.. as I am blogging a series on such things..
    God bless,

  2. Thank you so much for the kind feedback, Carla! To make people feel as if they are part of the conversation is a great accomplishment and I am extremely glad that you feel I have done so with this post. Hope you keep reading and enjoy!

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